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Summer Reading List

With daylight hours at their peak now that summer is here, there's more time to run and more time to read about running!  Below is our own list (again, highly subjective) of some great summer reading.  These are in no particular order from fact to fiction, adventure to strategy.  As always, your mileage my vary!

Running through the Wall (Neal Jamison and Don Allison) - Thoughtful, candid stories from a broad spectrum of trail runners.  Stan Jensen's chapter hooked me on ultras before I'd ever run one.

Running with the Buffaloes (Chris Lear) - Captivating look at the season of an elite Division 1 cross country team.  The unique view into the teamwork aspect of running creates quite a page turner.

Once a Runner (John L. Parker) - Classic novel that gets to the essence of giving running everything you've got.  Should come with the warning label 'Do not try this at home'.

The Perfect Mile (Neal Bascomb) - Historical perspective built around three runners and the chase for the first sub-4 minute mile.  Heartbreaking and triumphant stories of exactly what it takes to reach new milestone performances, and why they are so enduring.

Your Performing Edge (Jo Ann Dahlkoetter) - How to approach racing and training with a broad set of mental tools...from turning a great day into an epic memory to turning a nightmare into a learning (or laughing) moment.  

Called Again (Jennifer Pharr Davis) -  Trail adventure with great insight into why and how you might want to go longer and farther.  Includes valuable lessons on the mental gymnastics and physical logistics of crewing and pacing.

The Tevis Cup: To Finish is to Win (Marnye Langer) - There was a horse ride for quite a while before there was an endurance run.  The story behind the Tevis Cup and the Western States Trail illuminates why it is such a special place to run.  

Iron Will (Mike Plant) - Dangerously motivating tale of the origin and first 10 years of Ironman.  Even if you never consider a triathlon, the epic stories of triathlon's pioneers will leave you wondering how much you're capable of....and how to find out.

Marathon Woman (Kathrine Switzer) - Inspirational story on many levels.  To me, the most compelling thread is of someone who falls in love with running and uses the confidence earned and the lessons gained to enlighten others and encourage them to do the same.  

Other authors worth tracking down...
Kenny Moore - The Men of Oregon, Best Efforts
Don Kardong - Thirty Phone Booths to Boston
Roger Robinson - basically anything written by Roger Robinson

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